Esport Betting Singapore

Esports betting is a rapidly expanding segment of the sports betting market, and a youth-driven movement has made wagering on professional video games popular. If you are a gamer and are searching for the best esports betting websites in Singapore, this is the right place!

What is E-sports?

Electronic sports, often known as “e-sports,” is a brand-new sport that involves video game competition. In recent years, esports betting has grown in popularity in online casinos Singapore. Today, bets may be placed on all sporting events, including esports, from anywhere in the world. The reason for this is that the social and geographic spanned the period of time when the Internet first emerged and gained popularity.


Esports betting Singapore is a relatively new kind of betting in the online gambling market when compared to traditional online gambling (such as 4D online betting, online sports betting, live casino, and online slot games). With such rapid expansion, it is predicted that by 2022, the worldwide e-sport betting market would be valued at close to $30 billion. Esports video games have a sizable fan following and are well-liked by children and teenagers.


Esports games are played by casual gamers purely for fun and amusement. While most gamers simply play for fun, some take part in esports competitions and go on to become professional esports players. Competitiveness in casual games may exist, but professional e-sports exists at a level that amateur players cannot reach. Esports players are becoming a desirable employment option because their earnings are significantly better than those of regular workers.

Games available for Esport Betting in Singapore

The best games to choose from are League of Legends, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, and Dota 2 because of the time zones in Singapore. The majority of Singaporean teams specialize in those games, which are the focus of the majority of ASEAN competitions.


The FIFA teams, who typically travel abroad for those particular competitions, are the sole exceptions. Unfortunately, the most lucrative game, CS: GO, is not as well-liked in Singapore as it is in other nations, which is a bummer for avid bettors there. Therefore, it may be challenging to identify a local club to wager on in the future. Since European teams typically have the highest performances in the sector, it is essential to diversify your CS: GO wagers on them. However, in general, MOBA and RTS games are more popular with the locals.

  • DOTA 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2) is a multiplayer game that can be played on the original Warcraft III platform. Since the release of the sequel, the game has captured the attention of thousands of players. DOTA 2 is undoubtedly the most well-liked esports betting game among bookies as a result.


More players than ever are betting money on the well-known esports game. DOTA 2 is similar to chess in that it demands cooperation, mental gymnastics, and strategy. To succeed in the professional esports game, you must also be resourceful.


  • CSGO

Here is a challenging yet very rewarding esports game. As long as there has been a gaming industry, CSGO has existed. To win a single game round, you must take into account a number of variables. They stand out for having excellent reflexes, precision aiming, and effective communication with other shooters.


One of the games with the highest number of viewers on Twitch is CSGO. Player kills, bomb defusing, player death, and player accuracy are all wagerable outcomes.


  • League of Legends

Here is another significant esports venue that abides by the same regulations as DOTA 2. League of Legends, however, has unique visuals and audio. The popular esports game has distinctive characteristics that keep it new and interesting.

Even though League of Legends isn’t the most played mass battle arena game worldwide, thousands of players and fans have always loved it.


  • PUBG

Would you be interested in placing a wager on the biggest online battle royal game? If so, PUBG is your choice for an esport. Future online battle royal games will be more common thanks to the success of the first game. One PUBG gaming session can accommodate up to 100 players for the esports betting game. Consequently, a match can go for 30 minutes.


Since PUBG is known for its varied gameplay, it is not surprising that the game has enjoyed long-term success online. Many gamblers still adore PUBG for its distinctive treasure system, unpredictability, and gameplay even if additional battle royal games are emerging and threatening its place as the top game in its genre.

Bet on the Most Popular eSports Betting Platform with TF Gaming

With TF Gaming, JW8 enables registered members to bet on their favorite games. For those who are new to esports betting, this is similar to sports betting. However, this involves predicting the outcome or possible events that will take place in a virtual game. Among the popular virtual games to bet on include CSGO, FIFA, League of Legends, etc.


TF Gaming offers the most user-friendly interface, it is convenient for every user even if you are completely new to eSports betting. You can easily find the relevant games, events, matches, leagues, tournaments, and many others on the TF Gaming platform.



How to bet on eSports in Singapore

You must register with a reputable online casino like JW8 before you can start making bets on your favorite esports games. We are all duly authorized and governed, and we advise creating accounts with us so you can evaluate the odds and make sure you always get the best value.


The following step is to fund your account. Numerous instant deposit options, including credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets, are accepted by esports bookmakers. Make sure to sign up because we also provide generous welcome packages where new players can receive hundreds of dollars in free money just for signing up.


It’s time to back up your words with deeds now. Go to our esports section, choose the match, league, or competition you want to wager on, and then navigate through the betting markets that are offered. Tap the odds to add them to your virtual betting slip when you’re ready to place a bet. You’re ready to go once you set your stake and confirm the wager.

Singapore Esport Tournaments

The esports environment in Singapore is still relatively new, but it is expanding quickly. In the upcoming years, a lot more premier leagues and competitions should join those listed below.

  • Singapore eSports League

The SEL is a year-round national Dota 2 esports competition that was founded in 2018. The league, which has a ladder structure similar to that of a domestic football division, seeks to establish Singapore as the global center for professional gaming.

  • PVP eSports Championships

Singtel, one of the top telecommunications providers in the country, held its own esports competition in 2018, offering winners of Dota 2 and the well-liked mobile game Arena of Valor up to US $400,000 in cash prizes.

  • SEA Tour

Singapore is one of five nations with a spot on the top League of Legends esports circuit in Southeast Asia, where the victorious team will represent the area at prestigious competitions like the Mid-Season Invitational and the LoL World Championship.

Final Words

Esports betting games are likely to be more appealing to gamers than the average person. However, the esports arena from JW8 will pique your interest if you enjoy earning money while enjoying top-notch entertainment.


You will be gambling with JW8 trusted online esports betting Singapore that enables a simple gambling experience and prompt payout if you decide to bet on JW8. Good fortune!